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The NPC is a federal organisation made up of affiliated national, regional and local pensioner groups, as well as individual supporters. A biennial conference determines NPC policy, a national council oversees the general activity of the organisation and the executive committee carries out the work from day-to-day, assisted by a small staff.

We are currently undertaking a review of our structure, with a view to ensuring an effective regional organisation across the country and a pensioners' group in every major town and city.

The NPC's equal opportunities policy also means that it will act in all respects and at all times without discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation or disability.

To join the campaign to achieve justice for pensioners, please complete and return the membership form below. Thank you.

Please Print and complete the following form (instructions below) and send it with your cheque to- 

NPC Membership, 
National Pensioners Convention
London EC1V 3QP


You may join the NPC as an individual supporter or as an affiliated group. 

Subscriptions are:
  1. National organisations: 100-2000 dependent on membership
  2. NPC Regional Groups: 200
  3. Trade Union Branches: 50
  4. Local pensioner groups/RMA branches: 12.50
  5. Individual supporters: 5



Membership/Affiliation Form

Please tick the relevant box

   <-- I wish to join the NPC as an individual supporter 
   <--  My group would like to affiliate to the NPC

   Please complete the following:

Contact Name or Group   
Post Code: 
Email address:  

Cheques should be made payable to NPC and returned to 
NPC Membership, 

Change of Address

 Group or Contact   
Former Address  
New Address:      
New Contact Name
Email address:  


Please email the above details to or cut out this form and mail it to:

NPC Membership, 

To Print out a Page  
if using Internet Explorer try this:

To print a Web page 
On the File menu, click Print., Set the printing options you want. 
We do not use frames at NPC but - To print a frame or item in a Web page, right-click the frame or item, and then click Print
You can preview how a Web page will look and see how many printed pages it will be by clicking the File menu and then clicking Print Preview. 
In internet Explorer select 
1 File
2 Save as

3 give the file a Name and select save as type *htm or *html
4 using windows explorer select the saved file - 
5 use mouse to highlight the text you wish to print - right click - copy and paste it into your word processor
.  then print as usual!!

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