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All about the National Pensioners Convention (NPC)  
The voice of the pensioners' movement

The NPC is widely recognised, as the umbrella body for pensioners' groups throughout the UK.

We currently have over 250 affiliates and hundreds of individual supporters. This website site will give you information about:

The National Pensioners Convention (NPC) was formed in 1979 to act as the umbrella organisation of the pensioners' movement, throughout the country. Our affiliated groups include many national bodies and federations, associations of retired trade unionists, as well as hundreds of local and regional pensioner campaign groups.

The NPC's main objective is to promote the welfare and interests of all pensioners, as a way of securing dignity, respect and financial security in retirement.

In pursuit of this aim, the NPC regularly organises rallies, leads delegations to parliament and makes submissions to government on policies affecting older people. The Convention also stages an annual three-day Pensioners' Parliament in Blackpool, where over 2000 representatives discuss issues of concern and share ideas in an atmosphere of genuine friendship.

Furthermore, we produce regular newsletters, briefing papers and pamphlets to provide the basis for campaigning, alongside organising seminars, training sessions and educational schools. We also hold a library of useful information on a wide range of subjects, which is available to both groups and individuals on request.

In addition, the NPC regularly features in both the local and national media and uses every opportunity to raise awareness of the issues of concern to pensioners. One of our priorities is to therefore place the NPC's policies at the very top of the political agenda.

Our real strength however, comes from the work of our affiliates, who are active in their local areas promoting the NPC's message. This makes the NPC unique, as the only national campaign group in the country, which is run by pensioners for pensioners. 

That is why the NPC can claim to be the genuine voice of the pensioners' movement.

What does the NPC campaign stand for?

The NPC believe that every pensioner has the right to choice, dignity, independence and security as an integral and valued member of society. 

To secure these rights the NPC campaigns for:

  1. An immediate increase in the basic state pension to the level of the Minimum Income Guarantee. In the long term, the pension should be set at one third of average male earnings for a single pensioner and two thirds for a couple.
  2. The restoration of the link between the basic state pension and average earnings to allow pensioners to share in the wealth of the nation they helped to create.
  3. The maintenance and strengthening of the national insurance fund as the basis for providing financial security in retirement.
  4. A 22 weekly age addition for the over 75s, in recognition that the oldest pensioners tend to also be the poorest.
  5. All nursing and personal care to be provided free at the point of delivery, whether in hospital, nursing homes or one's own home.
  6. Comprehensive health care, provided free at the point of need, including community care.
  7. Free TV licences, free travel on public transport and a 200 winter fuel allowance for all pensioners to encourage an active lifestyle and an end to fuel poverty.
  8. The removal of standing charges on gas, electricity, water and telephone.
  9. Legislation to end age discrimination in all areas of society.
  10. Pensioners and their representatives to be involved in every level of policy making and development that affects the lives of older people.


This web site has been designed to make it easy to access, whilst still providing all the information you might need to get involved in the campaign