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Pensioners' Manifesto - The general election gives Briatin's 11 million pensioners a unique opportunity to influence the policies of the next government. All candidates are being asked to support the key proposals within the Pensioners' Manifesto - or face the possible consequences at the ballot box. The campaign to promote the Manifesto has already started - visit www.pensionersmanifesto.co.uk for more information.
Pensions - Every day pensions are in the news. The Pensions Commission, the Citizen's Pension and the Pension Credit are all hitting the headlines. The NPC continues to make the case for a basic state pension of 105 a week to be paid to all pensioners that is free from means-testing and linked to earnings. The Convention's Women's Working Party will also soon be publishing a new pamphlet on Women and Pensions.

UK pensions and Europe - It is widely acknowledged that the UK has one of the least generous state pensions in Europe. Details of pension provision across the EU is contained in a briefing paper which can be downloaded here in PDF format..

Pension Books - The government decided to scrap pension books without any consultation with pensioners. The Convention has been one of the few organisations to oppose the move and continues to argue for a system that allows older people to collect their pensions at the post office without any fear or anxiety. For more information see briefing paper number 29.
Council tax - Bills for 2005 will soon be issued. The Convention remains opposed to council tax because it is unrelated to the ability to pay and has failed to safeguard essential local services on which many pensioners rely.
Other campaign issues include long-term care, chiropody, free nationwide travel, cuts in adult education andmaking poverty history for older people in developing countries.

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Biennial Delegate Conference 2003
Biennial Delegate Conference 2003

"Every two years, the National Pensioners Convention holds a Biennial Delegate Conference (BDC), at which representatives from all nationally affiliated pensioner organisations and NPC regional bodies elect the Convention's officers and executive committee, as well as determing NPC policy for the coming period.

This year the BDC will take place on 16/17 April, Council House, Birmingham.

Delegates have already been appointed by their organisations but individuals are welcome to attend as non-voting observers, providing they notify the NPC office by 10 April 2003. The main papers which will be discussed at the BDC are available to download below (in MSWord format):-"
  1. Conference Agenda, Nominations, Statements of Account and Resolutions
  2. Structure report
  3. Finance report

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