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Pensioners' Manifesto - The general election gives Briatin's 11 million pensioners a unique opportunity to influence the policies of the next government. All candidates are being asked to support the key proposals within the Pensioners' Manifesto - or face the possible consequences at the ballot box. The campaign to promote the Manifesto has already started - visit for more information.
Pensions - Every day pensions are in the news. The Pensions Commission, the Citizen's Pension and the Pension Credit are all hitting the headlines. The NPC continues to make the case for a basic state pension of 105 a week to be paid to all pensioners that is free from means-testing and linked to earnings. The Convention's Women's Working Party will also soon be publishing a new pamphlet on Women and Pensions.

UK pensions and Europe - It is widely acknowledged that the UK has one of the least generous state pensions in Europe. Details of pension provision across the EU is contained in a briefing paper which can be downloaded here in PDF format..

Pension Books - The government decided to scrap pension books without any consultation with pensioners. The Convention has been one of the few organisations to oppose the move and continues to argue for a system that allows older people to collect their pensions at the post office without any fear or anxiety. For more information see briefing paper number 29.
Council tax - Bills for 2005 will soon be issued. The Convention remains opposed to council tax because it is unrelated to the ability to pay and has failed to safeguard essential local services on which many pensioners rely.
Other campaign issues include long-term care, chiropody, free nationwide travel, cuts in adult education andmaking poverty history for older people in developing countries.

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Links to Useful Sites

By providing these links we are not making any recommendations and believe in providing you with a few shades of opinion.

Seniors groups

Charities and Support organisations

Training oniented pages

Befriending groups

Leisure oriented groups

Trade Union Groups

Pensions watchdogs

UK Government Web Sites

N. Ireland Links

Wales Links

Scottish Links

Media Links

European & International Links

International Social Security

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Seniors Groups

Seniors Web Sites This site provides links to over 40 Seniors Web Sites and offers a platform for Pensioners Organisations, Groups, Elderly Forums and/or support groups, to display their own particular Aims - objectives - messages - details of meetings etc AND it is FREE! The content of the web site is up to the individual group(s). Just give them the details and they will add it to the site.

Wolverhampton Pensioners Action Group

London Older Peoples Strategies Group (LOPSG) is an umbrella forum for older peoples organisations and individuals.

Links to Charities and Support organisations

Citizens Advice Bureaux
- Provides free, independent advice on matters including benefits, pensions and child support.

The Motability site, about a charity that helps people of all ages get around by using the DLA Mobility Component or War Pensioners Mobility Supplement.

Elderly Abuse Elderly abuse is defined as: "the systematic maltreatment, physical, emotional or financial, of an elderly person by a care giving relative" Click to read on!

Grandparents Apart When grandparents first are denied contact to their grandchildren, they look for anyone who can give them help. They feel lost, alone and confused. This is a support group

Benefits Now Provides independent advice on Disability Living Allowance and a self assessment

Care Homes in UK Search for the area of your choice and obtain a listing of all the available homes

Research into Ageing is the only national medical research charity in the UK dedicated to understanding and challenging the diseases and disabilities which become more common in later life. Their research aim is to establish a difference between healthy ageing and illness. Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of later life for as many people as possible.

Age Concern Provide many leaflets and give advice and information on services such as transport, luncheon clubs, finance, housing etc Astral House, Norbury, London, SW16 4ER Tel:
Edinburgh, EH2 3DT Tel:.
Age Concern Knowsley

Anchor Trust Largest not-for-profit provider of housing, care and support for older people in England.

SSAFA Forces Help
The national charity helping serving and ex-Service men, women and their families in need. They are committed to helping people in need, suffering or distress, regardless of age or condition.

Veterans Agency
An Executive Agency of the Ministry of Defence who provide services to war disablement pensioners, war widow(er)s, their dependants and carers and other veterans.

Independent Living the online information resource for the elderly and less physically able, carers and healthcare professionals

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Counsel and Care is a registered national charity providing information and
advice for people over 60, their carers, friends and relatives and professionals on a range of subjects such as welfare benefits, accommodation, community care, hospital discharge, residential and nursing care. Our factsheets can be downloaded from our site.

The Royal British Legion was formed in 1921 and is the nation's premier ex-service charity, dedicated to caring for men and women who have served in the armed forces - and their dependents. Its objects include promoting the welfare of ex-service men or women and their dependents and relieving hardship among them where it exists; raising and distributing money for these purposes; assisting serving men and women in their return to civilian life; and promoting the interests of their dependents while they themselves are still serving.

Centre for Policy on Ageing Promotes debate about issues, stimulates awareness and encourages good practice.

Contact the Elderly provides vital companionship for acutely isolated elderly people who live alone, by arranging monthly group outings for Sunday tea at the home of a volunteer host. The charity's work is achieved through a network of volunteer drivers and hosts and is a free service. The site contains information on the various locations with a photo gallery and instructions on how to volunteer.

Trades Union Congress the TUC gives some basic information on pensions.

Help the Aged Produce many helpful leaflets on all aspects of elderly life.
Help the Aged, LONDON, N1 9UZ Tel: , Fax:
Advice Line: all calls are free of charge.
Senior Link -

Novartis Foundation for Gerontology
Supports education and innovation in healthy ageing, geriatrics and in the care of elderly people.

DaRT is the organisation of disabled and older people in London who use - or need - accessible transport. They campaign for a public transport system that is genuinely accessible to all. Their website, , is designed to provide information about door-to-door services and other accessiblepublic transport in London, as well as news and views about the campaign for accessible public transport in London and elsewhere

Charity Choice - - provides 8,000 UK charities in a free searchable online database, and a Goodwill Gallery for companies and individuals to volunteer goods and services to charity.

UK Online Citizens' Portal
Service First - for older people

The Royal United Kingdom Beneficent Association. - a charity dedicated to helping older people remain independent by providing financial help in times of crisis, a small extra income for life, equipment such as power bath seats and electric scooters and the friendship of a volunteer visitor amongst other things.

UBS - The Universal Beneficent Society - is a national charity which provides financial help to people in the UK over the age of 70, who are desperately struggling to survive on very low incomes

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to Training oriented pages

  • Age Resource
    Age Resource is the part of Age Concern that promotes positive ageing. A number of computerized "Age Resource Desks" around the country provide information on local opportunities, and offer Internet taster sessions.
  • The Employers' Forum on Age promotes good practice and works against age discrimination in the workplace.
  • Hairnet - Computer training for the over 50s - operates in most areas of the UK.
  • Life Long Learning
    Official government website with information about continuing education
  • New Deal 50 +
    If you are either claiming benefits or paying National Insurance Contributions, you could be eligible for the New Deal. This government scheme contributes 60 a week to your benefits,
  • NIACE The National Organisation for Adult Learning promotes the interests of all adult learners, including a programme aimed at the over-50s called "Older and Bolder". and entitles you to 600 worth of training.
  • U3A University of the Third Age London, WC1H 8JGTel: main purpose is to encourage lifelong learning for those no longer in full time gainful employment. Around the country groups of people organise themselves for the purpose of learning. Now in the UK there are more than 400 groups and total membership is some 85.000
  • Association of Colleges Petition The online petition covers the Protecting Adult Learning campaign.

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to Befriending Groups

Voluntary Friends for Older People information pages concerning the Voluntary Friends for Older People, a volunteer befriending scheme for older people operating in the Salford area of Greater Manchester. The organisation aims to combat depression and isolation, it has been in existence for six years.

to Leisure oniented groups

Wise Owls is run by, and for, the over 45s / 50s and is dedicated to tackling ageism

Age Net an 'Age Friendly' information and entertainment site for the UK's Over 50s. particularly strong on reader's art and literature issues.

Ramblers Association a look at how getting those boots muddy can help you cope with stress. OR
If you've got the Tube strike blues they can show you how to take to your feet, avoid the rush hour crowds and get to work or your meeting feeling fit and healthy.

Association of Retired & Persons over 50 Britains largest campaigning and social membership organisation for people over 50.

Comic Relief who support the Rural Development Programme of Strathclyde Elderly Forum.

IDF50 - I don't Feel 50 - Web site for the young at heart - with a Clubhouse, Forums, computers, competitions...

Len Knights Web Site Pensioner Power

Mature Tymes Website of the Mature Times

Seehowtheygrow has been established to provide a guide to grandparenting

Silver Surfers a list of sites compiled by Sylvia Milne a retired librarian includes aches and pains, journals, travel and hobbies

seniority launched June 1st 2000 for the 50 (ish!) online audience in the UK and beyond.

Silverhairs Technical helpline for senior surfers.

Golden Age Media Group a group of older learners in Clackmannanshire who have produced their own own newsletter

Oldie Magazine Website of The Oldie magazine.

Seniority An online community.

Technomum for silver surfers - information about days out, pastimes and useful links

Vavo An online community.

VieNetwork An online community.

A Full Life this website publishes the stories and poems of older people living in residential nursing care in Sheffield (UK). A companion website offering support

Cyber Seniors Group - East Brighton a gallant band of buccaneers sailing on the good Ship Endeavour, passing their years of retirement in the happy pursuit of Internet surfing. Please feel free to cruise along with them and to learn more about them.

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Trade Union Groups

GMB - Britain's General Union

to Pension Watchdogs etc

Occupational Pensioners' Alliance
The OPA is a democratic, non-political organisation of occupational pensioners' associations in the UK. OPA was formed in October 2003 from a merger of the Confederation of Occupational Pensioners' Associations (COPAS) and the Alliance of Occupational Pensioners (AoP). Together now, the OPA represents almost 1 million occupational pensioners from across the country and beyond. Speaking with one voice enables us more powerfully to engage with Government and Parliament on behalf of our members.

Confederation of Occupational Pensioners' Associations COPAS is a democratic, non-political confederation of occupational pensioners' associations in the UK. It provides an accepted voice for occupational pensioners to government, and an organisation that is a deterrent to any employer that is tempted by the substantial assets that are in its pension fund.

OPRA Occupational Pensions Regulating Authority was established by the Pensions Act 1995 and supervises a range of legal requirements to protect peoples occupational pensions. Our responsibilities have been extended by the introduction of stakeholder pensions. It also looks into and can take action where there is carelessness or negligence that could put pension schemes at risk

Financial Services Authority (FSA)

OPAS - The Occupational Pensions Advisory Service

The Pensions Ombudsman

UK Government Sites

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N. Ireland Links:

Wales Links:

Contact the Elderly Wales
Focus on Older people/Volunteering To provide a service for isolated and housebound elderly people by providing regular outings and social gatherings. Ms Michele Fitzsimmons Welsh Development Officer: Tel: Penarth. CF64 4XN

Voluntary Action Cardiff hopes that their site will become the first point of call for volunteers, community sector organisations, and Assembly Members wishing to keep in touch with the voluntary sector. They have have included a members database.

Age Concern Cymru (Wales) Age Concern Cymru is the national organisation for Wales. Its primary aim is to improve the quality of life of older people. It supports member groups throughout Wales.

Wales Council for Voluntary Action is the voice of the voluntary sector in Wales. It represents and campaigns for voluntary organisations, volunteers and communities in Wales. Providing advice, information and training,

The National Assembly for Wales

Welsh Books Council

Welsh European Funding Office

Wales European Information Centre

Wales Tourist Board

Welsh Development Agency

Welsh Local Government Association

Welsh Language Board

WalesTrade International

Wales World Nation

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Scottish Government & Public Bodies - Links:

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Media Links

TV Media & News

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International Links

Irish Senior Citizens Parliament The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament is a National Organisation of Older People and is organised on a non-sectarian / non-political basis. The main aim of the Parliament is to give a voice to Senior Citizens in the issues, which affect the quality of their lives and to work for improvement in the living standards of Older People.

AGE aims to voice and promote the interests of older people in the European Union and to raise awareness of the issues that truly concern older people. Everyone in the European Union is increasingly affected by decisions taken by its institutions: the Council of Ministers, the Commission, the European Parliament and the Court of Justice. Decisions that affect the daily lives of all its inhabitants - including older people. is an electronic forum designed to help older people, older people's organizations and others concerned with ageing to influence this debate. It is coordinated by AGE, the European Older People's Platform, and hosted by SeniorWeb.

World Alliance of British Expatriate Pensioners is a world-wide alliance of autonomous pensioner organisations

Just Watch me Grow As the over 50s use the internet on a regular basis, Just Watch Me Grow hopes to be a bridge between families who live in different cities or countries but want to remain close.

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International Social Security Links

European Union site

Try these links - to learn a little about the Social Security of other countries

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