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Pensioners' Manifesto - The general election gives Briatin's 11 million pensioners a unique opportunity to influence the policies of the next government. All candidates are being asked to support the key proposals within the Pensioners' Manifesto - or face the possible consequences at the ballot box. The campaign to promote the Manifesto has already started - visit www.pensionersmanifesto.co.uk for more information.
Pensions - Every day pensions are in the news. The Pensions Commission, the Citizen's Pension and the Pension Credit are all hitting the headlines. The NPC continues to make the case for a basic state pension of 105 a week to be paid to all pensioners that is free from means-testing and linked to earnings. The Convention's Women's Working Party will also soon be publishing a new pamphlet on Women and Pensions.

UK pensions and Europe - It is widely acknowledged that the UK has one of the least generous state pensions in Europe. Details of pension provision across the EU is contained in a briefing paper which can be downloaded here in PDF format..

Pension Books - The government decided to scrap pension books without any consultation with pensioners. The Convention has been one of the few organisations to oppose the move and continues to argue for a system that allows older people to collect their pensions at the post office without any fear or anxiety. For more information see briefing paper number 29.
Council tax - Bills for 2005 will soon be issued. The Convention remains opposed to council tax because it is unrelated to the ability to pay and has failed to safeguard essential local services on which many pensioners rely.
Other campaign issues include long-term care, chiropody, free nationwide travel, cuts in adult education andmaking poverty history for older people in developing countries.

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The NPC produces a wide range of publications on various issues which can be ordered via post to the NPC office or email Prices include p&p.

Some can also be "downloaded" in MS Word format by clicking on the document title - these are indicated by the closed book!

Our most recent publications are as follows:

Booklets & Pamphlets

Pension Credit for Beginners - An easy to understand guide to the Pension Credit, who qualifies and how much they can claim. Price 50p. or Download in PDF Format Free.

Building the Pensioners' Movement -
A NPC Handbook explaining how to set up and run a local pensioners' group. Price free. Download in PDF format - Free

Exploding the Myths - by Joe Harris - Download in PDF - Free
The truth behind the state pension debate. Price 1 Click for Order Form

Ticket To Ride - by Bob Sears - Transport Advisor for the NPC.
The Transport Act 2000 and the case for FREE Nationwide Bus Travel Price 1.
Click for Order Form

Pension Credit - by Tony Lynes. The government's new proposal for pensioners explained and analysed. April 2001. Price 1.

Long Term Care and the NHS - by Prof Peter Millard. The case for a coherent, equitable and just long-term care policy. February 2001. Price 1.

Backing the Basic - by Tony Lynes. The NPC's submission to the Social Security Select Committee inquiry into pensioner poverty. September 2000. Price 1.

Spotlight on Women's Pensions - by Zelda Curtis. How the pension system fails women. October 2000. Price 1.

The Unwanted Generation - by Tony Lynes. The NPC's response to the 1998 Green Paper on Pensions. 1999. Price 1.

Pensions - Who Pays? - by Joe Harris. A popular guide to the pension system. 1999. Price 1. Out of Print

Pensions not Poor Relief - by Tony Lynes and Joe Harris. The NPC's contribution to the Pensions Review. 1998. Price 1.


The NPC produces a regular newspaper called The Message. Single copies are available free on request, bulk orders are charged postage.

Campaign Articles etc

All are available in MS Word doc format. If you find that this format is unsuitable for you please let us know.
(ALL Can be Downloaded - Please note that with some browsers a Pop Up window may appear asking for User Name and Password - Just click on cancel and your document will upload!)

The degree of poverty amongst today's pensioners and how government could eliminate it - by Rodney Bickerstaffe, President, National Pensioners Convention.

Older people who cares? Health Care Campaign the provision of health care services for older people is now a major area of concern. The information contained in this briefing shows both the range and complexity of the issues involved - and why there is a need for a high profile campaign to address some of the problems older people face.

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Download Green Paper Submission by the NPC - March 2003

Download Biennial Delegate Conference 2003 Information

NPC Council Tax Petition MSWord version Adobe Acrobat PDF version


Briefing papers are produced regularly on a range of topics. Those briefings currently available include:

(All are available to Download- Please note that with some browsers a Pop Up window may appear asking for Authentication Information - User Name and Password etc - Just click on cancel and your document will upload!)
No32 - Facts & Figures

No 29:Direct Payment of the state pension
No 28: Budget Statement 2003
No 27: Facts & Figues
No 26:National Service Framework for Older People
No 25: Budget 2002
No 24: The Pension Credit
No 23: Pre-Budget Statement November 2001
No 22: Concessionary Bus Travel
No 21: Health Care and Older People
No 20: Implications of Human Rights Act
No 19: The Pension Credit
No 18: The Future for Pensions
No 17: The Future of Care
No 16: Older Refugees.
No 15: Widows SERPS Payments
No 14: A response to Jeff Rooker
No 13: Budget 2000
No 12: Endangered Species - the Sub Post Office
No 11: Government Proposals on Transport

Briefing Summaries etc

The role of the state in pension provision Report of the one-day conference 17 October 2002
NPC Newsletter - March 2002 -Text Version
Briefing Summary on the Queens Speech 20 June 2001
NPC Newsletter December 2001
NPC submission to Health Committee's inquiry into Delayed Discharges

The House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee has launched an inquiry into the future of saving for retirement. The NPC has submitted written evidence to the inquiry which can be downloaded here.

The National Pensioners Convention is happy to provide speakers for meetings of pensioner organisations, political parties, trade union branches and other interested groups. Talks can address a range of issues including pensions, health, long-term care and transport. Simply download and complete the request form and we will do our best to find a speaker.

Recommended Publications

Mature Times - This monthly newspaper regularly features the NPC and its campaigns and is available free from public libraries and some supermarkets. http://www.maturetymes.co.uk

YOURS is the only magazine that regularly supports the National Pensioners Convention in its campaigns and activities. Every month the YOURS Pensioners' Charter covers important issues - from the restoration of the pensions link with earnings to the ending of age discrimination in the NHS. With 1.3 million readers - and growing - YOURS is the magazine for pensioners. You can pick up a copy from your local newsagent.

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